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02 September 2014 reading time ~2min

Why having a purpose will serve your tech venture greatly.

understanding why you do what you do, has tremendous impact and will serve you throughout your entire venture

Why having a purpose will serve your tech venture greatly.

Purpose is of tremendous importance. I’ll tell you why shortly. But first, I want to point out that there is a huge difference between the purpose of a tech venture and any additional value it might deliver. It is important to understand that difference and not mix them up: Added value describes what you do, while the purpose tells us why you do it. Though they clearly interact and influence each other, purpose, or ‘the why’, is much more than just the starting point to derive the added value from. Having a purpose serves you in many other ways. Knowing why you started that tech venture will get you through the hard bits and help you maintain focus.

19 August 2014 reading time ~2min

Introducing: the Tech Creationist Canvas

Introducing: the Tech Creationist Canvas

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve taken a deeper look into the Lean Startup Canvas. It is an great tools to gauge risks and evaluate business models and is widely used in tech. However, I came to the conclusion that for developer-driven tech ventures it isn’t only a bad fit, it is outright harmful. Today I want to share with you an alternative approach.

19 August 2014 reading time ~4min

Tech Creationist Canvas: The Principles

To be able to use the Tech Creationist Canvas to its full extend, you should understand the underlying ideas and principles. This article covers them and will explain to you what I mean when I say it is iterative, purpose driven, aware of the structures and knows its target group. The article also clearly states the goal I have behind building, maintaining and promoting the Tech Creationist Canvas and its methods.

19 August 2014 reading time ~6min

The Tech Creationist Canvas explained

The Tech Creationist Canvas is a one page canvas with specific sections asking you to answer various aspects of the tech venture you are building or thinking of building. The top area focusses on the general aspects, divided in a left “technology” side and the right “deployment” side. On the bottom you find the structural questions divided into the build on the left and the sustain on the right. All this surrounds the heart of the canvas: the purpose. Each box should be filled in with the main aspects to take into consideration – order by importance. Let’s look at each box individually and how they help you.

19 August 2014 reading time ~4min

Tech Creationist Canvas Editor

This article covers the nitty gritty of the free and open source Tech Creationist Editor to help you build your own tech venture describing canvas. It will cover teh yaml format used, how to use git to keep it in version control and tie the renderer up with it. On top it will explain advanced features like sharing of custom states, embedding via iframes and how you can contribute yourself.

28 July 2014 reading time ~6min

Lean Startup Canvas: the wrong tool.

Lean Startup Canvas: the wrong tool.

I already rantedwrote about the Lean Startup Canvas last week. After giving it some more thought, I now realize that the problems with the canvas extend beyond its focus on profit as the main purpose for any venture. In fact, I argue that the canvas fails to capture the nature of many tech-driven ventures and the motivation of their founders. Let me explain.

21 July 2014 reading time ~3min

Warning: Lean Startup Canvas may derail your tech venture

Warning: Lean Startup Canvas may derail your tech venture

One of the first things I do when thinking about new projects, or even existing business models, is mapping it out on the lean startup canvas. I am a big sucker for the lean canvas, it captures more on one page than most business plans in over thirty pages. That said, I am getting increasingly frustrated with it. The Lean Canvas, as an evolution of the Business Model Canvas, clearly comes from a business perspective and a certain profit-driven mindset. But, when you talk about tech startups, community-driven, or inherently open and social ventures, the Lean Canvas doesn’t only fall short in describing it, it is outright harmful. Similar to the saying “bad information is worse than no information at all”, the Lean Canvas could give you false confidence by putting you and your idea into a certain structure. Yet this structure is not necessarily suitable for your endeavour and could actually drive you off your path.

27 May 2014 reading time ~3min

Is business against open?

Is businesses generally set up against an open culture?

Is business against open?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the many ways Google is screwing the open (source) community all the time and it left me pondering. I’ve talked a lot about business models, the startup scene and the technology-driven disruptive ecosystem in this blog over the past years. I always liked the entrepreneurial attitude of getting things done instead of accepting the status quo. But I came to realise that especially if they are backed with investors money, also great startups turn into profit oriented corporations – exactly what they fought against in their early days. Not only in a few cases they also turn against the open culture they originated from. Leaving me with the question: is business – in general – against open?


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